Herb Infused Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, and Hummus!



How do you hummus? Some people add roasted peppers or olives. I let my roasted garlic cloves and herb infused oil star in my hummus show. Here’s how I do it, in three parts: 1) oil, 2) roasted garlic, 3) hummus)



1) “My Herb-Infused Olive Oil” with Rosemary from my garden:

Herb Infused Olive Oil is kind of one of my favorite things. Seriously. A great bread + oil with herbs = yummy. Pretty much the best/only way to have herb infused oil is to make it yourself and use it within a few days. From what I understand, most restaurants make their’s daily. Whenever you see the pretty bottles of oil in stores packed with herbs and peppers, it always says, “For Decorative Use, Only.” The reason is bacteria; while the oil won’t grow the bacteria, any water content in the herbs or peppers will grow the bacteria with time, potentially resulting in serious illness. (article) So, to make infused oils edible, I heat my oil and infusers to 250F, consume within a few days, keeping it well sealed and refrigerated when not in use. (Note: other recipes online recommend a minimum of 180F, but I always go to 250F. Our three little girls will also sample this oil on hummus, so I prefer to play it REALLY safe! I use a candy thermometer in my oil to verify temp!)

The tools you’ll need to duplicate my oil:
A sauce pan,
a wooden spoon/spatula,
candy thermometer,
bottle with spout for the finished oil.

The ingredients you’ll need:
*Extra virgin olive oil,
*Sprigs of fresh rosemary (remove the leaves from the stems),
*Onion that is minced and dehydrated (spice section at the grocery store),
*Dried Red pepper flakes (spice section at the grocery store),
*Dried Thyme
*Cracked Black Pepper (I use a pepper mill instead of shakers, pretty much ALWAYS)
*Minced Garlic

Easy, add the ingredients to the oil, heat to 250F, stirring constantly to muddle the spices. Using a food-safe funnel, transfer into a food-safe oil bottle with spout. (Notes: if your rosemary leaves are still too big, even after heating them in oil, just quickly run it through the blender and return to heat. Also, when transferring from the hot pan to the bottle, using a food-safe oil bottle is really importantf! If you transfer your hot oil into a regular decorative bottle you are running the risk that it will shatter instantly from the heat! Use a food safe bottle!)


2) “My Roasted Garlic”

I use a muffin tin, aluminum foil, a head of garlic, and a few Tablespoons of olive oil.
Simply, cut the ends if your head of garlic, remove the excess “paper” around each clove.
Using your aluminum foil, create a pocket in the muffin tin, place garlic, cover with oil, pinch top of aluminum foil closed, and bake in preheated 400F oven for 30 minutes.


3) Hummus is really easy to make, and in my opinion, is always better than premade versions in the store. Furthermore, you get a larger quantity for less money. Win. Win.

Pretty much all you do is combine your ingredients and put it in the food processor or blender. If it is too thick, thin it with oil or water. I thin mine with water, because I’m topping mine with the my infused oil, and I don’t want it to get too oily! 😉

I used two cans of Chick Peas, aka Garbonzo beans, rinsed (see photo)
3 Tbsp of Tahini (you know, sesame seed paste, see photo)
Juice of half a lemon
Salt, to taste
and the dry spices that I used earlier to make the oil (note: did not include the fresh rosemary or fresh garlic. I used DRY spices, only, inside the hummus, because there will be plenty of garlic and rosemary on top of the hummus.)

Now, after purée is made, top with fresh roasted garlic, and drizzle with the rosemary and spice infused oil! LOVE IT!!!


Now, you know how we hummus; how do YOU hummus?

Your Friend,

~Amber Hamilton Henson

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  1. GREAT hummus you made here, and believe me I’ve eaten lots of hummus 🙂
    It’s almost midnight here and just looking at these photos makes me hungry

  2. I love hummus, but have never tried to make my own. It looks simple enough and like a great idea for college football kick-off weekend!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jen @ http://oursoutherntable-jen.blogspot.com/

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