Día de los Muertos ~ Skull Cheeseball

Well, it turns out I’m not at all done “playing with my food” just because the weekend is over. I had a few spare minutes after lunch, so I put together a #DíaDeLosMuertos #CheeseBall for my husband & daughters to have as an afternoon snack when they get home later.

🌹cream cheese – 2 blocks, 8 ounce ea
🌹green onions – about 6, sliced thinly
🌹dried beef – 2.25 oz jar, finely chopped
🌹smoked ham – 4 oz finely chopped
🌹finely shredded cheddar
🌹garlic powder
🌹accent – sprinkled on green onions
🌹Worcestershire – 2 teaspoons
🫒embellished with 2 olives and some capers just for decoration

Dia de los Muertos ~ Skull Cheeseball


Your Friend, AmberHH

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