Lucky Leprechauns & Wearing Green!

Happy, Happy Pinch-Everybody-Not-Wearing-Green Day! 😃🍀🙌
What is your Leprechaun name?

She is “Rowdy Rainbow Lips!” 🍀💞🍀

She is “Happy Freckle Face!” 🍀💞🍀

She is “Little Clover Hair!” 🍀💞🍀

I am “Happy Clover Hair!” 🍀💞🍀

Husband, Mitch, is “Shy Green Feet!” 🍀💞🍀
He already changed out of his green shirt and into gym clothes, so no photo tonight, though! I should pinch him! 😉

V made this for us at preschool, today! 🍀😍🍀

I made something, too!

It is a Statement Ring! I epoxied a Quartz sphere into a nest of onyx stone chips onto a silver ring!
Fun, huh? 😃

Anyway! Have a good one!
Make your own luck and enjoy!



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  1. I’m Little Pointy Ears! Nobody is going to pinch you all wearing all that green! 🙂

  2. Bubbly Stubby Toes here! 🙂

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