Uh, oh! Police got me!

Haha!! Keep reading. Y’all know I love buying and growing Bonnie Plants. I’ve told you before in my Kitchen Herbs and QRcodes post last year, that I am so pleased with the Bonnie plants I buy every year! Basil, peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and more. Every year! But did you know that Bonnie Plants is a lot of fun on social media too? They are! I highly suggest following them! There are always lots of great photos, tips, and great projects, too!

Here’s what happened, today:
I posted on Instagram. I usually tag @BonniePlants in my vegetable posts, since my plants are all Bonnie, so they’re pretty used to seeing me and my antics on IG. Well, today, I was having a little fun with an iPhone photo editting app called “Halftone” that allows users to create photos that look like comic strips and BonniePlants caught me slipping from my morning duties! So fun! If I lived in Alabama where they’re headquartered, I’d totally apply for employment with Bonnie. It seems like such a fun group, plus they get to be around all the wonderful plants! Yumm! Love it!

So here are my Halftone comic photos and last is the screenshot of Instagram with @BonniePlants:







See, BUSTED! Police got me! Hahahahaaaa!
If I go to veggie jail, I’ll just make a salad and be happy to stay!
Love it!

Your Friend and a total Bonnie Plants fan,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

Go follow Bonnie Plants on social media! Love.

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  1. Absolutely loved the post. Very funny. And the comic book style was an awesome bonus!

  2. You are awesome…Grandma Robeson would be so proud of you!

  3. Cute!

    Something I noticed about Bonnie Plants this year, for the first time, is that their delivery guys are so accomodating. They arrived at the TXK WalMart and found 3 ladies scrounging around in the ornamentals, since the herbs/veggies were so picked over (talk about needing a watering, there!!!) and these guys were just so HAPPY to be there and asked each of us exactly what we were looking for, SO THEY COULD UNLOAD THAT PART OF THE TRUCK FIRST!!! I was floored. And totally loving it. 🙂

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