Ornament Window Valance

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When a window needs to be dressed, it doesn’t have to be fabric, right? Right! . . .and, when you enjoy sparkly, metallic ornaments, you shouldn’t reserve them exclusively for Christmas trees for only a few weeks a year, true? True!


You and I are on the same page. We think hanging a bunch of sparkly ornaments on a curtain rod as a valance in a guest powder is a perfectly dandy form of window treatment! Yes, yes we do!

Which sort of ornaments did I choose for said valance? Well, the most fun and sparkliest ones, of course! Roses, glitter coated birds, bird cages, golden sweet pea pods with pearls of peas, crystal diamonds, and more!





I’ll refrain from showing you photos of my porcelain sink, manufactured marble shower, and toilet in this little powder room, because well, it’s just a bathroom. However, I WILL show you the gilded mirrors on the wall above a lovely pitcher and houseplants and part of my rock and crystal collection and…


Speaking of houseplants, I just love them so much! I have to have at least one in every room, multiples in many rooms, and even artificial ones for high shelves where watering would be difficult.

Do you keep many houseplants? I worry that I may have a few too many at times, particularly when I find myself keeping them in large stainless pots in the kitchen that would otherwise be used to boil a chicken! Haha! With temps consistently over 90*F this time of year, who wants to heat up the kitchen by boiling a whole chicken anyway?! 🙂

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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  1. Me gusta los detalles que pones en tu cenefa, eres muy creativa te felicito

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