I Make Necklaces, Too!

I’ve already shown you the memory wire bracelets that I make, here.

I also make necklaces on memory wire, however, due to their weight, I always include a clasp, unlike on my bracelets.

I usually only wear one or two pieces of statement jewelry at a time. Given the pictures I’m showing in this post and the previous, you can see that I like statement jewelry. Since my bracelet post featured primarily lampwork and glass beads, I thought perhaps this would be a great opportunity to turn a corner and show you a bit of nature. I love natural history museums. I’d live in one, if I could. My grandmother, a.k.a. “Gram,” has accused me of being a “rock hound” more than once. She says it with love as she takes me exploring Hot Springs, AR. There is this really cool crystal cavern/wishing well within a block of where her high school boyfriend lived… I digress. I’m a “rock hound.” I’d call a natural history museum, “Home,” if I could. So, here we go; photos of a few of the necklaces that I assemble:

This first necklace pictured individually features slices of geodes that have been set with amethyst and citrine crystals. I purchased the geode slices online from a store in Hong Kong that was selling them individually as pendants. In my mind, if one is great as a pendant, then MANY are even better as a full necklace. Love it!!

Here is another necklace that I made using seashell pendants:

Next is a necklace where I used memory wire threaded through a silver chain and then attached gobs of artisan pendants that each feature natural stone, bone, or shell. It took me awhile to be able to dedicate the time and effort and ability to afford to collect them all, because those are real topaz, malachite, jasper, and so forth that are set in each pendant. I love the finished result, and I’ve yet to where it and not be complimented and asked where I purchased it.

Here is one that is made using lucite pendants that encase actual insects. Yes, real bugs. Do you know about me and my fascination with entomology? Well, its true. Actually, I’m interested enough that I think I’ll save that topic for a separate post. For now, here is my insect necklace:

I assemble jewelry. A link to this post will be maintained on my “Decor and Crafts” page. Check that page for more of what keeps me occupied, or check “my Kitchen” for links to my recipes.

“Later, Gators!” and “Afterwhile, Crocodiles!”

Your Friend,

~Amber Hamilton Henson

If you’ve been following my site, you know that I like linking to parties:

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  1. They are such pretty necklaces. I’m not sure that I could wear that bug necklace though. I’d feel like those bugs could break free and crawl down my neck.

  2. Ooooo….lady bugs would be cute!! I could handle that!!

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Wow, you must get all kinds of compliments on your jewelry when you go out!

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