Seed Storage

I like themes. I like organization. So, when I recently found this primitively painted garden theme wood cabinet at a thrift store, I knew I had to have it, and I knew exactly what I would store inside the decoratively painted cabinet: SEEDS!

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Isn’t it something?! It’s quite colorful, isn’t it?!


The top drawer holds all of my seed packets that I’ve yet to plant, and the doors hide away tags from plants and seeds that I gather (save) each season for re-planting. Speaking of seed saving, do you see my University of Arkansas (UA) soybeans? I didn’t make space soon enough to plant them this year, but I will next May, hopefully? Did you know that the UA is now the nation’s leading traditional soybean breeder? There are non-GMO, traditionally bred UA Kirksey Edamame (young, green) soybean seeds in my drawer, here! Yes, that’s right! UA is breeding varieties of soybeans that compete with the biotechs in that UA seeds have the huge advantage of allowing farmers to save their seed for re-planting without having to pay annual royalties for saving the seeds to re-plant, I hear! Awesome, right?! 🙂 🙂 You can find links and a lot more information about these and a wide variety of other soybean industry links at the Arkansas’ Soybean Promotion Board’s site, and on their Facebook Page, Arkansas Soybeans.


This painted cabinet also holds my seeds and findings for seed jewelry. Yes, jewelry. I’ll show you my seed saver necklace in another post, sometime! Remember, I assemble lots of jewelry; you can see it here and here.


Want to see the rest of my library? If so, see it here, and here is a photo of some of my absolute favorite gardening books and P. Allen Smith cards on one of the library shelves:


Do you keep seeds?
If so, where?
I’d love to see your organization solution in the blogosphere!

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

Self photo of the day:


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