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Daily DIY: gemstones on estate silver!

You don’t have to read very many of my design/decor project posts to know that thrifting (vintique stores, garage sales, estate sales, etc) and transforming my finds is a favorite hobby of mine.

Recently, I arrived early, stood in line awaiting opening, and found another great deal at an Estate Sale, here in Little Rock, Arkansas! The deal: I found a set of eight (8) silver electroplated vessels, intended to be used for drinks. They were only $1 each, and I knew I needed to buy them, even though they were engraved with a “K” on two sides of every piece.

For awhile, they’ve been tucked away in a cabinet, awaiting my effort to find a local engraver to alter the K into an H.

I changed my mind about going to that trouble, and I decided that it would be much more interesting to embellish the silver vessels with some sort of gemstone cabochons or charm or whatever caught my eye in order to cover the K!

Gem cabochons (16) turned out to also be a bit pricey for what I wanted to do, but I found BEADS! Glorious beads!! Yea!! I just used a quick setting, two part, clear epoxy to adhere them!

The “frame” beads are made of SEASHELL, and the sphere beads are JASPER! Yay!!

So, here they are!! All 8, currently being used as vases in my kitchen! (Wisteria, Rosemary, and Lacebark Elm branches from my yard.)

Some, I lightly cleaned and others I left the patina.
I absolutely adore them! I think they have a very peaceful, ethereal vibe as I sit here staring at them while I type this project post!




Whatcha think? 😊🙌

Marrying Together Unusual Items!

How about putting an Antique Shoe Display Table together with a 70’s Slab Wood Clock, so that it is a new piece of furniture? Well, we did just that. Now, we have a side table that includes a plant stand!

I picked up the gilded, cast aluminum(?) table-ish piece at an estate sale. The resident of the house told me it was salvaged from on old shoe store that closed and was eventually torn down in town decades ago. The same weekend, I bought a piece of slab wood that has a high gloss finish. It had a hole drilled in the center and an area routed in the back indicating it had once been used as a large clock. 1970’s style?

The pieces had both been sitting in the garage for a few weeks, awaiting inspiration, when while looking at one of my favorite interior design books, it suddenly came to me that I should put the two pieces together, forming a side table with plant stand! It took a little work to get the pieces together…husband had to wrestle some old bolts and chisel a bit more wood out of the way in order to get them to fit together, but “TaDa!” Here it is:

Click on photo to enlarge it.

Click on photo to enlarge it..

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Click on photo to enlarge it.

So, what do you think of our funky little creation?
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~Amber Hamilton Henson

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Vintage Globe into New Lampshades!


Easily turn a vintage globe into a new pair of lampshades!
Just saw the globe in half. Use a hot glue gun to adhere trim/fringe. Drill a hole in the top, so that it secures between your lamp harp and finial.
You’ve made vintage fun and funky!
#upcycle #reuse





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~Your Friend, Amber Hamilton Henson