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New Hot Pink Bedroom

YaY!! We’ve updated our oldest daughter’s new room!!


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For the first time since our middle daughter was born, our oldest is no longer sharing a bedroom. We’ve always lived in houses with more enough bedrooms that they didn’t have to share; it was always our choice to have them share a room. We collectively decided that it was time for them each to have a little more space and chance to personalize their own spaces. It is a really big change for the two of them. Our oldest is 10, now, and our middle daughter will be 8, soon. They had shared a room for 8 years.

In the name of truly personalizing the space for our daughter, we let her pick her new bedding, the paint color for the walls, etc. Transforming the room was quite a project. Since the former owners of the house used it as a “music room” I believe, it was carpeted, had white walls, and didn’t have a closet for clothes. We changed all that. It now has new hardwood floors, bright pink walls, plenty of closet space, and unique furniture.

We still have a few small projects left to do in here, but I can’t wait to show you the BIG projects that we’ve already tackled. Mitch, our daughter, and I worked together to make this a great space for her to use and continue to grow into for the next few years.

Now, for the reveal! I took a few pictures of the room as it is now! I’ll update again, when the accessorized vignettes are complete, too!


Architecturally, it is a really interesting room with neat angles on the ceiling, and it is really big. In her room, she has a full size bed, a dresser, a vanity, an armoire, a desk, an armchair, a neat silver chest, and room to spare. Seriously, it is a BIG room for a 10 year old girl, I think. One of my favorite features is that we moved a light fixture that was formerly in our foyer, spraypainted it black, and installed it in a way that it really shows off the ceiling angles with how it bounces light around through its beveled glass panels.


So, here is the fun silver chest that I mentioned. It is a gift from my grandmother. It has been in the family for a long time, but had been in storage for many years which ruined most of its original pale colored wooden finish. Awhile back, I coated the whole thing in silver rub’n’buff and gold leaf. (everything but the top surface.) Yes, really; all silver and gold!! Haha! Even though the package of craft product is labeled “Gold Leaf” in bold letters, it is in fact a metal leaf, not “GOLD,” as would be defined by a scientific periodic table of elements! As for the Rub’n’Buf, I don’t know whether there are any precious metals in there or not, but it is pretty! It is so easy to use! Just like the product says, I just rubbed the product onto the surface of the chest with a scrap of a old tshirt and buffed with another scrap; rub’n’buff. (Gold leaf: glue-ish medium known as sizing + leaf transferred using wax paper + spray sealer.) To personalize the chest for our daughter’s new room, we added a mix of new glass knobs in shades of pink and teal. (found them on sale at Hobby Lobby) And, I repainted an old framed mirror to coordinate. She LOVES the set! YAY!!

Our daughter’s new (antique) primary suite of furniture is also a gift from my grandmother. I slept in it at my great grandparents house as a child. It has been in the family too many generations to count! It dates back into early 1800s in Memphis, I believe, I’d have to re-read the provenace that my grandmother wrote for me in order to confirm. Regardless, I have great memories of the set having always been a part of my life… Now, my oldest daughter is using it. It will one day belong to one of my grandchildren or great grandchildren, I predict. Here are few pics of the dresser, armoire, vanity, and bed that are the set.
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You may have noticed a few pieces of colorful art in a couple of pictures. They are original works of art, actual paintings, not prints. The one hanging above her vanity is HUGE. The pictures don’t really do justice to the fact that it is 6 ft x 3 ft. Big, right?! It is by a Canadian artist, Sarah Kinan. I bought it directly from the artist, online and she shipped it to us rolled. We built the frame and stretched it onto the frame. The second little name painting is by Veronique Perron. When I update this post with photos showing the vignettes and curtains, I’ll make sure that I add links to the artists…

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Update: In other hot pink bedroom news, I also finished sewing all of the sheers and curtain panels. See next photo…. Aaaaand, for her hot pink bedroom, we bought her the little glittery mosquito net type canopy that she wanted…Ten year old girl, she is, indeed, wanting such a sparkly thing! Love her!!

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Our daughter made the “no sew duck tape and grommet curtains” for her closet.
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Well, that’s all! As we complete new projects, I’ll add them to this post! 🙂


I hope y’all are having a great day! Thanks for reading our post and visiting our new project!

Your friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson


Lastly, before you go, here is a “behind the scenes” photos during the process:


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