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Autumn Equinox! Mabon!

MABON 🏼:: Apples and Pinecones for me this week: picked up pinecones in my Grandmother’s backyard this weekend and I picked apples from my apple. The dehydrator is running tonight, so I’ll have plenty of apple chips ready before Equinox, September 23, 2015. 🏼


󾁉UNICORN󾁉 (I collect ATC, Artist Trading Cards, a bit, and I thought y’all might appreciate this rare sighting of a Unicorn in my collection during this time of harvest season.) Artist: Barbara Garrett


In Family news, our girls are growing like wild flowers these days! Last night, we participated in a fundraising event for Robinson Band at Spirited Arts. A portion of ticket sales goes back to the Band. Each student painted their own canvas with a music note and got to keep the painting! Here is our 8th grade 3rd year flute playing daughter preparing her canvas:


Me, personally? I’m working on my public speaking. I’m more than a bit shy at times. I meditated with a few of gemstones recently and I feel a shift already!

GOAL: Manifest a new ability to communicate effectively in front of large groups. (Labradorite palm stones = new beginnings. Blue Kyanite = throat chakra / communication. Pyrite = abundance. Quartz cluster = amplification. Astrophyllite = manifestation.)


I hope all is well in your spaces, too! Best wishes! More soon!

Your Friend,

Holiday Decor!

Happy Holidays! We hope you had a fabulous Thansgiving and are ready for a Merry Christmas!

Here is quick look at what we’ve been doing in and around our home, here in Little Rock, Arkansas:

We had a great Thanksgiving!

We hung hundreds of ornaments on our Christmas tree! Our favorites are the handmade ornaments, and we sure have A LOT of them! Love!!


Here is a close-up photo of one of my favorites handmade ornaments! It is a “love bird!” It was made by tracing our daughters hands and one foot. Just hot glue the pieces together and add a circle to each side for the head and rhinestone eyes! Love!!

Here is another favorite handmade ornament: Hand and Foot Reindeer! Using foam sheets from the craft store, a few rhinestones, and a pipe cleaner as a hanger, this project is quick and easy for kids!


So, then we put up garland, lights, a pair smaller trees, and our Candy and Gingerbread wreath on the exterior of our home!

Here is a close-up of the wreath I made a few years ago that we enjoy displaying each year: There is a plush gingerbread to represent each member of our family, and lots of candy, cookie, berry, and gingerbread ornaments! SWEET, right? 🙂


Not long after getting our Christmas decor setup, an ice storm hit Arkansas! It was beautiful, and our kids sure enjoyed sledding the hill in front of our house!


As the snow and ice dripped from our roofline onto the little Christmas trees near out front door during the days that followed, gorgeous icicles were formed almost completely coating the little trees! LOVE IT!!

Perhaps later this evening or tomorrow I’ll share a few of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes! Also, I can hardly wait to share with you about the Arkansas Women Bloggers’ Handmade Ornament Swap! I’m participating this year!! We already received our beautiful handmade ornament and have mailed the one we made to another blogger! The Swap rules ask that we not share the details about the ornaments until Dec. 24th, so stay tuned to see the Handmade Ornament Swap post!!

See you in the blogosphere later!
Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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