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I push pixels around

I heart photo editting apps, and pushing pixels around is fun.

I use FluidFx (set to “image sculpt”) to push the pixels around… enlarging an eye, fattening a lip, raising an eyebrow, creating a smirk, and more is entertaining to me. Then, i run it through ToonPaint app.

I snap selfie pics a lot, then when I’m standing in line at the grocery store, riding along in the car as a passenger, or any other spare moment, you can find me pushing pixels around.

The first photo is the original on the left, and the two “afters” are on the right.


This next photo was created using the same method.


In this third photo, I used one of my favorites of me and Mitch. It went through WordFoto app.


All of these photos were labeled using Phonto app.

I actually had a much longer tutorial style post written for these photos, but I think that it’s easier for you to just comment or email me (Amberdhenson {at} att {dot} net) if you need help with the app. Trust me. Working with these particular apps is easy.


In this next photo: “picblender” app shows a blend of one of my selfies and a farm photo that i snapped between Liitle Rock and Memphis, 2) a quote and a selfie, then 3) and 4) show a selfie blended with one of my pots of chives that I’m growing, labeled with “labelbox” app…

Lastly, “tinyplanets” app featuring my house: