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Fathers Day and Dollhouses and Smiles and

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Tomorrow is Fathers Day, and I won’t get to see my Dad tomorrow, but hopefully next weekend I’ll get to see him! I’m looking forward to it! I wish I got to see him more. Life is busy though with my 3 girls and their activities, and Dad is busy with work everyday and … you know, time just passes so quickly and before you know it, months have passed. Anyway, in honor of Father’s Day, here are a few of my favorite photos of me with my Dad when I was little! Isn’t he so handsome?! Still is!

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In other news, my youngest and I found a little treasure at an estate sale, today! I love visiting moving sales, estate sales, etc. You just never know what treasure you may find! I mainly buy glassware, but occasionally I find some sort of neat handmade trinket. That is what happened today!


At home, we adore Dollhouses. They’re quite time consuming to build though! Whew! Trust me, I’m on my third dollhouse for my third daughter. I know!


But, today, we found this tiny little golden-ish house that secretly doubles as a storage box and just had to buy it! Baby Veronica, 3, is thrilled with it! Clearly, it is hand constructed of natural materials. It is just too cute! We only paid $2, but I swear I think you could add a zero to that amount and then double it, and it would’ve still been a good deal. It’s just so cute! Did I already say that? That it’s cute? Well, it is!


It has about enough room to store a pack of playing cards inside of it. I wonder what treasures she’ll store in it in throughout the years… rocks from the playground? Stamps from birthday cards received in the mail? A favorite bracelet? Ticket stubs from events she’ll attend? (An iPhone? Haha!! It fits just right!) Don’t you just adore little places to put little treasures? I do! She does, too! She’s always moving her littlest toys and costume jewelry from one box or bag to the next.

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We’re in the middle of several fun projects around here, but we don’t have them finished quite yet to show the world a finished product or write a tutorial, so until we do, I’ll just post treasures we find or garden photos or … K? K. And, a big “Happy Fathers Day” to my husband, Mitch, father of our three girls, who makes these projects possible. Love. 🙂

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

My dad is the BEST:

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