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Abigail’s Room, 100 yards of Fabric Later!

It’s been really hot (for Arkansas) during the last few days with heat indexes over 100* and intense humidity, but we’re having some sort of unusual cold front today and tomorrow with temps only in the 80s. It’s so nice! I’ve turned off our AC, turned on fans, and opened the windows for the day!

My 100 yards of sheer “butterfly” chiffon/voile fabric that I ordered online from Ronnie Home Textile for daughter Abigail’s windows and canopies arrived. (Abigail is nine years old.) The fabric is even better than I anticipated it to be from the photos online! It’s soooo soft and drapes splendidly! Abigail LOVES the vibrant butterfly design that repeats up both sides of the fabric!


Then, our project began! Lol! Oh, my!! I totally underestimated just how much time it would actually take ME to cut and sew all of these panels! (We covered one big wall of windows, and made floor to ceiling canopies for the two daybeds in her room! = 15 white butterfly panels that are floor to ceiling length, 4 solid hot pink panels of the same length, and 4 turquoise butterfly canopy panels at 27′ each!) Wow! Not having a proper studio space, I scooted our dining room and laid it all out on the floor and then took to sewing on the kitchen counter. We were destined to eat fast food for dinner a time or two, but the outcome was worth the sacrifice! I made pretty good time, though, and got it all done in less than three days only working sporadically with three daughters underfoot. That three day time period also included making the three long wall curtain rods!

I used glass doorknobs and electrical conduit as curtain rods to mimic the ones I liked at a Bedding and Bath big box store. Theirs were like $129 each for the lengths we needed; we made them for about $12 each! The conduit came in ten foot lengths, we left one full length and trimmed two of them to eight feet, spray painted black satin (in our driveway) to cover the steel and brass, then epoxied the door knobs into the conduit! Yay! Easy, peasey, and saved hundreds of dollars!!



Her room is actually painted a vibrant purple, which only shows here and there. Her room is mostly fabric, now! It’s amazing! I told her it reminded me of the inside of Jeannie’s bottle. She had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently, she’s never seen the show “I Dream of Jeannie!”

In her room, she also has a few other neat features, particularly her neon sign from my dad’s (her Pop’s) sign shop, a purple dollhouse that we’re still working to complete, shelves of photos, … ๐Ÿ™‚






So, what do you think of our new 100 yards of fabric we’ve added to her room this week?
I think we’re going to add l.e.d. twinkle lights to the canopies next, and add a few big plants on either side of the white shelving. I’ll update this post with photos when we do!

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson


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Vintage Globe into New Lampshades!


Easily turn a vintage globe into a new pair of lampshades!
Just saw the globe in half. Use a hot glue gun to adhere trim/fringe. Drill a hole in the top, so that it secures between your lamp harp and finial.
You’ve made vintage fun and funky!
#upcycle #reuse





r />

Have you upcycled anything recently? For more Upcycling and craft ideas, please visit my decor & crafts page!

~Your Friend, Amber Hamilton Henson

Real Butterfly Necklace!

Real Butterfly Necklace!

Here is my new butterfly necklace that I assembled this week … just in time for Spring!
I am so pleased with how it came together!

It is assembled using silver chain, real butterfly wings encased in resin, little stainless steel butterfly charms, lots of jump rings and a lobster clasp.

I’ve taken photos in various light to try to showcase the depth and variation of color of these beautiful butterfly and moth wings. It’s amazing to me how different the wings appear depending upon whether they’re in natural sunlight, indirect light, or under a lamp!

The details: (click on photos to enlarge into a new window)








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What do you think of my real butterfly necklace creation?
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Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

Garden Boxes, Peppers, Peas, and Okra for kids!

Building Raised Garden Boxes and Watching our kids watching PEPPERS, PEAS, & OKRA grow has kept me in smiles recently! Want a peek at part of what has been happening in our yard this season?

I enjoy every season, but I must admit that being so fair (um, pale) skinned, summer hadn’t always been a favorite. It is amazing how different I feel about summer as my garden interests have grown through the years, especially now that my daughters are interested in raising edibles!

(click on photos to enlarge and zoom!)



(click on photos to enlarge and zoom!)

4ft. by 4ft. might be the most common dimension for traditional square foot gardening, however we built 6ft. by 3ft. raised garden beds for our daughters’ melons and vegetables in order to minimize cost and minimize waste of material by using readily available, USA cedar fence pickets!!

We are quite pleased with how easy it was to source materials, how easy the planting boxes were to assemble, and how well Bonnie plants and Burpee seeds are performing for our daughters!

We have built a total of 5, so far, but have room for a few more!


Basically, we needed the raised beds to be affordable, large enough to plant what we want on our rocky hilltop yard, yet small enough that the kids can reach into the center for planting and harvesting. The kids helped with the entire process, including excavation of the plots where the boxes sit!

Tools for box construction:
power chop saw; cordless drill with drill bit and Phillips head bit; stapler

Supplies purchased:
We bought 6″ wide 6′ long fence pickets (6 pickets per box, the ends are half length pickets)
4inch by 4inch post, 6′ long (cut into 1′ long sections)
Plastic sheeting, 12mil. thickness (keeps water and soil from escaping between the pickets, simulating using much more expensive wider width lumber. DO NOT cover the bottom of the box, as drainage is important!)

Plants and Soil, Manure, & Organic Compost:
Our daughters are interested in trying to raise a variety of edibles! So far, things are going well! We’re already harvesting some things, watching blooms on others, and trying to decide what else to raise as the seasons change!

We are so pleased with our plants, so far!
Here is a peek at the variety of BONNIE Peppers that our kids are already harvesting and BURPEE Sweet Peas we harvested are planted beside our BONNIE Okra that will be ready soon, as modeled by our two older daughters, Caroline and Abigail.


BONNIE Plants and BURPEE seeds may have just reached a completely untapped, youth market audience for their products in our neighborhood! As far as we’ve seen, we’re the only family in our neighborhood growing vegetables this year. The neighborhood kids seem fascinated when our daughters show them their vegetable gardens and talk about the plants! LOVE!! We’re enjoying ourselves, so it is very rewarding for there to be so much interest in our little gardens! It won’t surprise me at all to see more of this style of gardening start popping throughout these suburban backyards! They’re just so fun! They’re great additions beside our RAINBOW swing set/playground, trampoline, and basketball court!

Next on our “to-do” list? Our middle daughter will be in 3rd grade this next school year, and I hear that BONNIE plants has a 3rd grade cabbage patch program! We’re interested! We’ve never tried our hand at growing cabbage before! It would be fun to try! I wonder if Mitch would be willing to make a few more of these garden boxes for Abigail’s elementary school? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

We’ll post more updates on other things growing in our gardens and fruit trees in the backyard, soon!

“Later, ‘Gators, and Afterwhile, Crocodiles!”
Your Friend,

~Amber Hamilton Henson

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DIY Globe Lampshades!


I needed a pair of lamps to sit on top of my file cabinets in our home office/library. I decided I wanted globe lamps. You know, when you cut apart a globe in order to make lampshades out of the globe?


Not wanting to cut up my husband’s childhood globe and since it was raining on Saturday, making it impossible for us to attend a local FOODTRUCK Festival in the rain with our youngest in a stroller, we went looking around at a few local thrift/antique stores in order to find a globe and just muse around.

I saw a lamp that I really liked while we were out shopping: (click on photo to enlarge it)


Despite the fact that I totally fell in love with the lamp and globe lampshade, I didn’t get it, because I wanted a pair of lamps; however, I firmly believe YOU should totally go buy this handcrafted one-of-a-kind globe lamp. It’s only $15.99 at Hidden Treasures on Hwy 107 in NorthLittleRock/Sherwood, Arkansas.

I did find a globe that day at MidTowne Antiques to use for MY project. 10 bucks. Deal. That makes two lamp shades at only $5 each!! ๐Ÿ™‚
(click on photo to enlarge it)


The easier way to split the globe would have been to just remove the tape along the equator, but then one globe would be rightside up and the other would be upside down. That wouldn’t do! I wanted a pair!! So, using a jigsaw, my husband Mitch cut it along one of the lines of longitude for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I have a pair that are BOTH sideways. Both. That makes me happy. Next, we just drilled a hole in the top, so that it slides on easily and is held in place between the lamp’s harp and finial. Glue on trim. Insert low wattage bulb. Important: very low wattage bulb, because this is a cardboard shade. Done! (click on photos to enlarge them)



Thanks for tuning in! Since making this project, I’ve kind of been fascinated by globe projects and prices. I’ve compiled a round-up and shopping board on Pinterest, click “Globe Trotting,” to see the globe projects I’ve found!

Second, Want to know more about the age or value of the globe you’re using in a craft project? If you look, I think there are probably several resources available. For instance, it took me about three seconds when I looked, and I discovered the globe I used was manufactured in 1981, based on the names of countries/political boundaries. The link for discovering the age of my globe is here. Neat, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

AND, I can’t finish this post without a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my dad, pretty much the most awesome guy that has ever existed! Love you Dad!!

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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Gypsy? Hippie? SCARF CURTAINS!!

I haven’t written on this blog in over a week! Where has the time gone?! Geez! There are times that I have so much to say that its a challenge to find the time to write any of it! I bet you other bloggers face the same issue. Anyway, . . . Here, in THIS moment, I have time to write:

First, if youre a subscriber, you might have noticed that I haven’t shown our dining room on this site yet, despite the fact that I think it will be one of the more impressive rooms in our house. Two reasons: art wall and curtains. See, a couple months ago, we switched the rooms around. What was once a den attached to the kitchen became the dining room and vice versa. It kind of threw everything into disarray for a bit. We have 15-20 original works of art leaning against walls awaiting their new gallery style / salon style installation in the dining room, at least 3 of them are canvases 48″ in size. The glass tile fireplace installation was fun. I’m glad we switched the rooms around, because I LOVE having the fireplace in our dining room. But, there are still a couple projects awaiting supplies or my time. Work in progress.

Work in progress. Second, If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you may have seen that I’ve pinned a few sets of curtains made of scarves recently. See the inspirational photos that helped me choose a direction, by clicking here, here,and here. See? Aha! Easy, breezy curtains for the dining room made of varying sheer or shiny scarves?! Well, with 10′ ceiling and a desire for floor-to-ceiling curtains, that would require A LOT of scarves; so, I decided to buy scarf style material! I decided I would some of the yards of silk that friends brought me as a present from one of their recent shopping excursions in the fabric district in China and 3 more fabrics that I purchased locally. Btw, yes, friends (also, former neighbors of ours) travelled all the way to China and along the way they visited a region known for their textile production. They shipped back YARDS of beautiful silks. I’m planning to hang the new curtains using by clipping the fabric onto rings. Easy. Breezy. Mix of prints. Mix of colors. Etc.
Here, in the next photo, you can see my new fabrics just tossed across the curtain rod awaiting sewing and proper installation. You can also see a bit of other items in the dining room:
(click on photo to enlarge it)


Today, among other errands, I shopped for the curtain rings with clips attached, in order to hang my scarves and fabric in the dining room that I told you about yesterday.

There were several options available. What to do? What to do? DIY, of course! I bought a bag of miniature wooden clothespins from the craft department at WalMart and bundles of costume jewelry from a jewelry store on Chenal Parkway, here in Little Rock. I made a total of 50 rings with clips by using a little spray paint, heavy duty upholstery thread, and a few unused napkin rings and bracelets that I had sitting around.

My rings with clips are an assortment of sizes, all in silver and gold tones! I LOVE the look much, much more than if they were all standard, uniform rings. See the DIY process: (click photo to enlarge)


1. Buy miniature clothespins and mass produced jewelry.
2. Snip hardware, just leaving the giant hoops of the earrings. (I used earrings that gave me a total of 8 usable hoops per pair.)
3. Clip clothespins onto cardboard and spray paint them black.
4. Use heavy thread or wire to tie clips onto the ring (the thread fit through the spring in the clothespins, so drilling wasn’t necessary! Yea!)
5. Slide them onto the curtain rod and use the clips to pinch the scarves and fabric! Enjoy!
(I was able to use this DIY method for creating curtain clips that saved us A LOT of money in exchange for minimal time invested by me to put it all together.)

I’m pretty pleased with myself about this little curtain project of mine!
Yards and yards of fabric, lots and lots of my silk scarves, and a little DIY = my OWN curtain wall. Nobody will walk in and say, “Oh, so and so bought those same curtains,” or any such thing. That’s enough to keep me happy. My scarves are all still usable if I change to something else next year, and all of the scarves have some sort of memory attached to them, since they were ALL accumulated and worn throughout the years. For example, the scarf that has “Paris” all over it, was purchased by my grandmother in Paris as a gift for me when she travelled a few years ago. Are my curtains Hippie curtains? Gypsy style? I don’t know. I don’t care that they’re not traditional window treatments. I’m enjoying them! I care most that I think they look good, are functional for diffusing light where needed, and they’re reusable/repurposable on a whim! Love. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still playing around with the placement/draping of the scarves and fabric; I’ll have it finalized before I “reveal” this room in its entirety in a separate post!

(click on photo to enlarge)


Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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Autumn Joy Wreath! (+ DIY home happenings)

Good Morning!!


Labor Day has come and gone; it’s time for me to switch wreaths. This is one of my favorite wreaths. I purchased a fairly simple grapevine wreath with a little sign already attached that said “Autumn Joy”. It also had a few faux leaves attached. Then, every year for the last several years I’ve added little tidbits. The wreath has grown and grown! It now includes 5 little scarecrow dolls of various sizes, a garland of leaves, lucite grapes, and … ๐Ÿ™‚


Each year, I use this wreath from Labor Day through Thanksgiving. This year, I may make a “scary” Halloween wreath to use for 2-3 weeks near Halloween, too. We’ll see whether or not I can find the time and supplies between now and then.

Here is a brief update about other recent events since my last post: Because we created a new Hot Pink Bedroom for our oldest daughter, our middle daughter was feeling like she was left behind in the “old room” that they used to share as opposed to having her “own room”, so we decided we needed to update that room for her to make it her own. She chose a dark, yet vibrant, purple paint. I’m still sewing for our oldest daughter’s room, but now I have A LOT more to do for our middle daughter’s room as well. Here’s a peek at the new purple bedroom progress:


During the last couple of months, we removed all of the carpet from the 4 bedrooms and closets that the previous owners had enjoyed. We’ve replaced the floor covering with my preference, hardwood floors. Now, other than bathrooms, ALL of the upstairs will be floored in a dark espresso finished hardwood!

Now, I’m heading away from this page to look around the blogosphere at other great Autumn project happenings! Later!
Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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