Mad Tea Party 2021: MyMsMellow in Wonderland

My daughters and I had two goals for participating in this year’s virtual Mad Tea Party being hosted by A Fanciful Twist. Those goals were: 1) decorating a tea box to store our teas and 2) playing as Mad Hatter dressing the newest addition to our family, our recently rescued from the living on the street dog MsMellow, in various hats and jewels.

“Mad Tea Party storage box!”

The tea box is off to a great start!

It was originally a box intended to store silver service / flatware. It was old and musty.

—We stripped the interior,

—sanded and stained exterior,

—added new velvet lining,

—painted the inside of the lid,

—embellished with shiny heart stickers,

—added clear acrylic divider trays,

—and stocked it with teas that we had in the kitchen cabinets.

“Inside view of the Mad Tea Party Box!”

Im so pleased with it. I’ll also likely keep adding to the embellishments of it in future months. Wouldn’t a crystal knob be so perfect on it? Completing the service tray that accompanies it will be fun, too!

“MyMsMellow ready to try on hats!”

Next, we decided to try being the Mad Hatter and trying to dress our dog in hats…


While MsMellow continued to be extremely kind and all, she was actually unexpectedly a bit bonkers about the hats and became a little too excited hopping around for us to get even a single decent photo of her in the many hats she tried on.


Bonkers, I tell you, Bonkers!!


Insider Secret: … all of the best dogs are, though!


Here are the photos:

Even though we don’t have any posed glamour shot portraits of MsMellow in hats, daughters and I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and had so much fun with the trying. It was the BEST.

13/10 great experience as Mad Hatter. ❤️

I would absolutely do every bit of it again.

Your Friend, AmberHH


—If you’re also participating in the Mad Tea hop, I’d love for you to leave a comment with your link! ❤️

—Whether you’re participating or not, you’ll want to visit our hostess at A Fanciful Twist to see her party and find links to other participants

—you can see my 3 previous mad tea parties at these three links:

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  1. Ricki Treleaven

    I love your craft: what a pretty and practical idea! You have a nice selection of teas. I don’t think MsMellow is having the hat thing….she is funny!

    I’m linking over from A Fanciful Twist.

    Ricki Jill

  2. So cute! I love MsMellow’s hat fashion show. It looks like she had a great time. Love the decorated tea box too! You’re invited to my tea party HERE! — Diana ♥

  3. Carol Goodwin


  4. Dogs in hats are the best! I love a good well stock tea box, especially when it’s crafted and sparkled uo by your girls🐰🤍🐰

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