In my garden, today!

The pretty pink Lily planted among the Rosemary along the path to the front door stretch out towards the sun out of the shadow of the house:


Our Heirloom Arkansas Traveler tomatoes are loaded with green tomatoes patiently waiting to burst into a show of gorgeous red fruit soon:


Our peppers that we planted early and babied with protective covering through late frosts are thriving in the Arkansas heat, now. Can you see the heat these peppers radiate, yet?

(Click on photo to enlarge it.)

At the end of the day, taking photos of our garden is one of my favorite things to do. Then, when the light gets low, I come inside and continue to enjoy them as I kick off my heels, put my feet up, and play with photo editing apps on my iPad. These photos were edited with a combination of 3 apps: LensLight, Bokeh Booth, and Phonto. I don’t share these evening garden photos of mine much on this site. Maybe I’ll start.

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

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  1. Nothing I enjoy more, pretty flowers and home grown tomatoes.

  2. Beautiful lily! Did you plant it? If so, I’d love to know the variety name.

    Arkansas Travelers are one of my husband’s favorite tomatoes. Mine are the Brandwines. 🙂

    Gorgeous photos.

    • Thank You, Katherine!

      I did plant the Lily, although unfortunately I have no idea what variety they actually are, because the package I purchased at WalMart indicated they were supposed to be red and orange! Lol. Clearly, they’re not; some sort of mixup happened during the packaging process, apparently!

      Last year, we grew more Mr. Stripey tomatoes than anything else, since they’re so sweet, but they don’t perform as well as the Arkansas Travelers during the true peak of summer for me. It looks like the Teaveler’s are going to have a great season for us!

  3. We had trouble with Mr. Stripey, too, but we’ve had two years of drought, so not fair…

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