Happy National Carrot Day!

Yes, February 3rd is National Carrot Day. Really! Trust me. It is!!

While we didn’t dine exclusively on carrots all day, we certainly did participate! Did you?

Tonight, I roasted carrots in the oven! So simple and delicious:



My carrots:
Using a food processor, slice a 6-10 carrots.
Add a teaspoon of each of your favorite spices. (I used cinn, chili powder, garlic powder, fresh rosemary.)
Add 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil. (I used grape seed oil)
and, a pinch or two of sea salt.
Mix all, coating carrots, and spread on baking sheet.
Bake at 400F for 20 minutes!

Tonight, our carrots were served beside Pasta&Mushrooms! Love!

Happy National Carrot Day!

(and I think something known as the “Super Bowl” is happening today, too!)


“Later,” Gators and “Afterwhile” Crocodiles!

Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson

(This is a personal blog. All of the opinions here are exclusively my own and were unsolicited. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those products, businesses, or events that may be featured within posts, although my goal IS to be PR friendly toward such products, businesses, and events that I choose to promote, while simultaneously offering valuable, relevant data, facts, links, or other to my family, friends, and community that may encounter this post. I have not received compensation, product, or payment of any type for publishing this post. In the event that I am compensated after-the-fact, the post will be edited in this section to reflect such compensation. Any reader attempting to duplicate any recipe, activity, craft, or other created by me [Amber] or shown on this blog should be done at the reader’s own risk. Cool? Cool.)

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  1. Amber, it looks so yummy! You are really reminding me of Grandma Robeson….I’m sure she’s proud of you!!

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