Hot Pink Duck Tape Curtains

Have you ever used “Duck Tape” on a curtain project? No? Well, guess what!! We did! Even better, it is HOT PINK!

We were in line at WalMart, waiting to check out with a 2″ wide package of blanket binding (ribbon) to use as reinforcement for our DIY grommet top curtains to close the closet in our daughter’s hot pink bedroom, when she spotted the hot pink duck tape and asked, “Mom, Mom, Mom, look!! Can we use this instead? Pleeeeeeeassssse?!”

I couldn’t think of a good reason why not. Heck, it’s kind of fun!!

So, we bought the hot pink “duck tape” brand tape to use as a reinforcement for the sheer curtain materials prior to installing the grommets on the curtain panels for her closet.

Here she is, working with Hot Pink Duck Tape! :

( You’ll notice that by Applying the tape on BOTH sides of the material and using a brayer, we were able to make the duck tape stick to itself through the loose, open weave of the sheers!)

(click photos to enlarge into new window/tab)



See our littlest helper, age 1 and a half? 🙂

In other hot pink bedroom news, I also finished sewing all of the sheers and curtain panels. See next photo…. Aaaaand, for her hot pink bedroom, we bought her the little glittery mosquito net type canopy that she wanted…Ten year old girl, she is, indeed, wanting such a sparkly thing! Love her!!

Want to see other fun stuff happening in the Hot Pink Bedroom? Check out our Hot Pink Bedroom post to see the funky silver chest, antique heirloom furniture, and original paintings by internationally known artists!


🙂 🙂 🙂

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Your Friend,
~Amber Hamilton Henson


Guess what else happened?! I submitted our “Ducktivity” to and they tweeted our link to their 7,000+ followers on twitter! Looking at their recent tweets, they are highlighting some other really, really cute projects! Including a houndstooth duck tape pumpkin and more! Click the photo below this text to find their twitter account!


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  1. Smart use of the duct tape!! It’s just perfect for this curtain….I love your little helper, too!!

  2. The duct tape matches perfect and you would never even know it is duct tape. Your daughter did a great job, the curtains look great!

  3. Amber! I noticed your button on “I should be Mopping the Floor”…I was just here yesterday to see your door…you are on a roll! No pun intended! Your daughter was genius to think of this! She reminds me of my little one Val…they look a little alike as well. Anyhow…great job! I’m sharing it on my FB page today 🙂

    ~ Julie

  4. Wonderful use of tape! Looks fabulous! Your daughter definitely gets her creative instincts from her mom, huh?! (Just like me! I love my dear crafty mother!) I just found ya via Mop it up Mondays party! can’t wait to see more goodies from you!


  5. How cool is this, Amber–I’ve never seen hot pink duct tape before! And what a clever way to use it to reinforce the top of the sheer curtains–a stroke of brilliance!

  6. What a really goo idea. I haven’t seen hot pink duct tape either? They say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, in creativity that is! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  7. how fun! i love how the curtain blends in perfectly with the rest of the room, so the closet almost dissappears. great job!

  8. Nice use of the duct tape. It’s perfect for this curtain…Really wonderful use of tape.

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