Peek Inside Our House: “BONUS ROOM!”

Good Afternoon, Internet! How are you today? I’m GREAT! Our oldest daughter had a sleepover party to celebrate her birthday yesterday, and now, while our oldest two daughters are outside playing and our youngest is napping, I have a few minutes to myself to update this weblog! YaY!

Well, my last post was 3 of my Favorite Pie Recipes, so now I want to talk about things other than food.

Recently, I’ve promised my followers and RSS subscribers a peek inside our house under renovation!

Here is a peek inside our house:

Here is a first peek inside our home that I promised. There is only one full room visible in this photo, the “bonus room” over the garage, but there are peeks at other things throughout the house. I like that room quite a bit: vintage, chrome Wassily chairs, handknotted, vegetable dyed rug, dora maar-ish perpetual face vase, etc. Also in this picture, I see houseplants in this picture, LOTS of houseplants. I see grommet top curtains, antique milk glass lights, and a piano. The lights were a gift from my grandmother; the lights originally hung in a turn-of-the-century building that operated as a feed store in Hot Springs, AR. Also, in this picture, I see some of my rock/stone specimens sitting atop what should be candleholders and sitting in bowls. I see a portion of the fireplace surround, wall sconces, wood blinds, cabinet details, and interior support columns. I see wineglasses, a watercolor painting, corners of framed mirrors and the walnut tree in our backyard barren during winter. I’ll add photos of other rooms, soon.










Your Friend, ~Amber Hamilton Henson of

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