Waterize My Photographs

Hello Bloggers!

Chances are, if you use Pinterest, you’ve seen photos of manicures and pedicures and animals and barns and more that appear to be photographed beside some sort of gently rippling pond.  Well, some of those photos may have been taken beside an actual pond, some may have been Photoshop’d, but a A LOT of them have been edited using “WaterMyPhoto” app on a phone or tablet!!

Click here for the iPhone/iPad app.

If you’re one of the many people that like to add captions or quotes to your original photos, like I do, then this app is a fun one to play with.  It really adds an interesting tranquil effect that pairs well with tranquility quotes.

Here are a few examples of my creations:
•    vignette on one of my tabletops that includes a Buddha and quote.
•    my self-portrait with a quote.
•    my house, that actually is on top of a hill, in the spring

I have many, many favorite photo editing apps that I plan to review one or two at a time on this blog.  If you have a favorite that you recommend, let me know!! If you enjoy iPhone/iPad photo editing apps like I do, please use my comment button to add links to your work or email me AmberDHenson@att.net and I’ll include links into this or future posts!

See you soon, in this blogging realm!  Your Friend, ~Amber Hamilton Henson

Hi, again! Please, see my new “SHARES” page for info leading to other blogs/sites!

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  1. I love the way you explained everything step by step it’s very helpful for new buyers and sellers in the real estate market! Very nice!

  2. How clever. I have to check out Water MY Ap.

  3. Oops. Water My Photo.

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